Thursday, January 8, 2009

well, I thought I would get a lot done this morning, BUT

Not really feeling in the mood to be productive. I danced the vacuum around the livingroom, with my head full of good ideas, for writing my story. I was chatting with this woman at a party recently, who was all about telling your story.
It makes you who you are.

Geez, what if your story is really boring, or sad, and boring and pathetic.
Or worse?
Anyway I do feel like telling my story would be good, or even maybe thearaputic, but I feel so silly doing stuff like this, that it blocks my process. It feels self indulgent and selfish, which I was raised to believe are deadly sins.
but who is looking, or judging?

So I think I will use this space to ramble and tell my story and bore the shit out of any reader who may stumble along by accident.

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