Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alienation's for the rich...

and I'm feeling poorer everyday.

remember that old song, by they might be giants?

I am starting to feel like an old relic in a room full of whippersnappers, at work.
We are undergoing a period of growth, and I wonder if I will come out on the other side?
I am fairly single minded in my approach, to be fair.
If I can't have a full on revolution, complete with ripping the rich out of their mcmansions and forcing them to renounce their wickedness, then I will settle for providing good honest, childcare.
It really does feel that simple to me, but man, oh, man is it ever getting cloudy all around me.
WHEW! learn to keep your big mouth S*H*U*T.

I think part of my problem, is a lack of fear, around what is going on in THE ECONOMY. I have never felt part of THE ECONOMY, so it's condition, just doesn't really phase me, I guess.
All the fear mongering feels offensive and trite, and bores the shit out of me.
Naturally I have compassion for people that are hurt, or losing their jobs, 401K or their homes. I have no compassion for the idiots that lost in the stock market I will not boohoo for those that took absurd risks or purchased homes far outside their income levels. Yes, I am a hardass, and I tend to be very conservative with spending, or buying or trusting.
On the other hand, I am often scared of being too old or ugly or fat, to get a new job. That does scare me, but what to do? I like the job I have, I wish I could just do it, rather that be awash in meetings, and visioning, but I imagine that is my lack of vision talking. Right now I am sick to death of the words, community, vision, document, and planning.

This song is dedicated to all you modern day troubadours out there
And I think I know who you are

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