Friday, January 30, 2009

Mazatlan here we come

We haven't made firm plans, but we ARE going this year- right honey?

We know it isn't Ixtapa,

it is old fashioned and slow and full of old people, and we freaking LOVE it there.

We always stay here

the picture of the beach?

EXACTLY like it looks,

My husband nearly fainted our first trip.

You arrive at a very hot, funky, teeny airport, drive in a very, stinky, funky bus for 20 minutes, and are dropped at the gates of PARADISE.

we used to go every year for just a few days.

It was a mental health thing.

then we sort of had a second child, got super busy and forgot our mental health.

The past three,

or is it?

FOUR years,


so we are sooo going this spring, for our 11th anniversary together.

the lovely thing about it, is it is less than four hours away, cheaper than going to the Oregon Coast and staying in a comparable swanky, old school, place and eating comparable fab food!

Our favorite thing to do, is

rent a beachfront room- they all have big balconies!

sit in the evening and play SCRABBLE, read, watch the sunset, have a couple of drinks and as the sun goes down, shamble over to our favorite beachfront cafe for dinner, where they have the decency to give you a free White Russian at the end of your delightful meal. At Anthony's they will seat you next the the BEACH, bring your husband Marlin stuffed peppers, and cheerfully put up with any number of annoying special requests, and make you a green salad in place of the carbs (so I have been told, since I would never dream of being that high needs in public).

My father has offered to come and babysit for three days, so we can do this thing, and we are doing it.

Right Honey?

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