Thursday, January 22, 2009

the end of it

The last birthday thing has been done!
we had a birthday circle at F's preschool today- very sweet, and a little special snack, and now I am done for a YEAR.

It was so touching, all the children sitting in their tiny chairs in a circle with a circle of orange fabric in the center, the birthday child dances around the circle once for every year, and the children sing

the earth goes round the sun
the earth goes round the sun
the earth goes round the sun
and it takes one year.

to the tune of Farmer in the dell.

we brought strawberries, cookies (quinoa & coconut, for the gluten free folks sake) and some carob coated raisins.

F got to wear the special birthday crown!

It was very exciting.

She chose to tell the story about the time a bee stung her finger (because he was scared) when she was a one year old.

I love her teachers, they have both been at the school for years and it felt so lovely to see my littlest one with them.

I am really lucky to be able to provide such a beautiful experience to my children.

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