Thursday, January 8, 2009

another tiny snipet

Time, a moment of it.
I usually noodle around the Internet or fold laundry, but this is my new distraction.
Mark and I are in the thick of watching season four of Rescue Me
or "the fireman show", as it became known when my best friend was living with us, and it was our drug of choice.
I love this show- full of drama, and laughs and people laughing at inappropriate times.
I did that last night at a meeting. someone was informing another attendee of a suicide of a mutual friend of theirs, and I sort of giggled, nervously. I felt awful, naturally.
It wasn't my intention to giggle, it just slipped out. NOT because it was funny, but because I never know what to do at those awkward, solemn moments.
Yikes, what a doofus, for real.

that is one of my favorite bits of street slang -for real. I'm gonna slap you for real. Dang, that just sums up how I feel at times.

M is playing shoots and ladders with Miss F and Max is at karate, and the house is pretty clean, so here I am.

I started this absurd embroidery project.
I am making 6 little dream pillows, with flower fairies, for Freyja's birthday party favor (WHAT WAS I THINKING? ) MIL is helping. she is the bomb at embroidery, and has whipped out 3 to my 1.5 so far. I need to get it together.
as a back up favor, I have some pointy princess hats from Target's $ aisle- CRINGE

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  1. I laugh inappropriately a lot, I have to work on it in therapy. It's like a nervous tic.

    You must post pix of the dream pillows, they sound sweet.