Saturday, January 24, 2009

the big event

Maxwell had a big exciting day yesterday!

His entire class met at a theatre to watch the movie of INKHEART
They read the book in class in September.

He was so excited that he insisted on arriving at the theatre at 4:00pm, even though the movie started at 4:45.

His teacher was right at the entrance greeting children, and after the purchase of an obscenely priced "kid combo", off he went into auditorium 10, alone!

F & I went home to meet Onkel and ventured off on our own adventure to a small town, to have dinner at a place Rolf finds ironic and delightful...

A Perfect way to kill some time on a Friday evening. Careening around the countryside, in pitch blackness, with a rowdy four year old in the backseat, and two people with night blindness!

Daddy picked up Max, and was washing dishes (the lunch set I left mouldering in the sink- bad mama). When I got home.


Max said that had he not read the book, the movie would have been entertaining, but since they changed sooooo much it was instead, annoying.

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