Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesdays are tough

I take my youngest child to work with me on Tuesdays. It seems like such a nice, progressive thing to do, right?

Well, it makes me INSANE. It makes me not "act like a nice mommy", as I am instructed to act, by you know who.

So naturally, today was no different. It was hectic and stressful and I wonder why I continue on this path, this schedule?

It started with the removal of the sweater & socks.

It is January.
It is 27degrees outside.
This is an old drafty building, you must wear your sweater and socks.She then moved on to unbuttoning my dress, sticking her head under my sweater, and copping a feel of my breasts whenever she could get to them.

I get it.

Turning three and not being a baby is hard,

sharing your mom is hard.

You know what else is hard? having a broke ass unemployed angry mom.

Who will keep you in Cheerios then, huh?

Of course I didn't say all of that.

I did think it though.

I let her make her scene until she felt more secure and no longer needed to make a scene, but damn!

So when I was finally freed up to do some actual work I was all frazzled.

I hate being frazzled.

I like to be composed.
I like to be competent, reserved, and pulled together, not of the verge of tears, with my sweater bunched up to my boobs, and my dress buttoned up crooked, so I look like I have been making out behind the bleachers.

and right at the frazzledest part my husband of all people calls and has the nerve to say he loves me, and that all the stress in our lives shouldn't define us, and we are lucky to have each other.

Excuse me, can you hold please?
I say to him in my most composed voice.

That all sounds GREAT!
I totally AGREE!
I am sorry, I have some people in the office right now, can I get back to you ?

(I am surrounded by an audience, one with head lice & another person needing a document that I am clueless about, and that last one want to use my computer, please do not let head lice person sit in my fabric chair. Please. Please- is that unkind of me? )

may I call you back later?

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