Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NEW MATH- sucks

I am reduced, to a new low.
I cannot do 4th grade Math.

, shocking and pitiful, even for me a math lowlife.

I am blaming tonight's incident on the "new math" style, in which my son's homework is designed.

Each day, a cute, vexing packet of HELL comes home, and takes me 20 minutes to figure out.

Each day, this cute packet, designed for people like me, with math anxiety, perplexes the shit out of me, and nearly reduces me to tears.
I can only imagine how it makes my son feel (psst... not empowered, I'll bet!)

I am about toorganize an angry mob, in picketing the school and demanding Singapore math, and perhaps CANING, for the idiots, that came up with these math games.

1 comment:

  1. Singapore math rocks. My kid is a total math whiz (she must get it from her father). It is basic and they make it really fun and fast-paced.