Saturday, January 31, 2009

the digital camera


we may have gotten the camera, and the computer to work together at the same time, so I can show off some of my projects (these have been languishing in the camera for THREE YEARS!) the top is the bed half of my bedroom, which is a giant 400sf space, but not very usable, due to the slanted ceilings) it is dark, due to my husband's light & sleeping issues. The red was an experiment that will go soon, I think.

the second photo, is a buffet, that I tiled, and considering I have no tiling experience AT ALL, I think it came out pretty well. The tiles are from a fancy tile shop's free box, and some that Mark & I bought in Mexico.

the next photo is my space aged "pocket stove". It is lovely, but wearing out.

the last two (why are there two?) are of my clay puppet heads, (they go with a very long story that involves a poodle from another planet, and Charles Mingus) that I made about 15 years ago, and never sewed onto the bodies. Typical Heidi. I am strictly an idea person.

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  1. The stove is fantastic! And the puppet head story must be told.