Thursday, January 15, 2009


I love me some decorations.
cakes, flowers, knicknacks, you name it- I love it.

One of my favorite deorations to make is citrus peel streamers.
Martha Stewart featured a really beautiful diplay of citurs streamers in one of her books, but I had seen the idea years before in a Vicorian deorating magazine.

so take abunch of nice looking organges, lemons, and limes, and use a zester (use the wider tool side, that looks like a little knife) to peel in a spiral around the fruit. then twist the long strand of peel around a pencil or handle of something round.
in a few minutes you will have a long curly strip of peel.

pile all the fruit up into a pretty bowl, or on a tower of cake plates, and let the peel casacde down.
makes a lovely center piece, and much cheaper than flowers.

you can also use the peel to decorate cakes.

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