Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barbie, I LOVE YOU!

the old gal gets such a bad rap, but anything that will keep my four year old busy for an hour gets major kudos from me.

F got a ballerina Barbie for Xmas (this is something like Barbie's sister, with a flatter chest and a pink tutu, ballet slippers, and pink glittery legs, that look like tights), which she has been sleeping with since.

Sleeping in her OWN BED, most of the night, which is a giant, big deal.

Today, UPS knocked on our door with a giant box, that contained


BARBIE clothes, shoes and other teeny, tiny brick-a-brac. Also a barbie suitcase that looks like a bedroom inside.
Mom rounded up all the Barbie loot from her playroom (my son and my nieces, are sort of over playing Barbie at this point) and Goodwill over the last year of so, cleaned it all up to perfection and now here they are!


I loved Barbies, and Holly Hobby dolls as a child, and I spent many hours dressing them, fixing their hair, and later, writing long and elaborate stories about them, with my friend Karen (the friend I am missing right now, damn you Amtrac).
I played with them until I was close to 12 (I still have mine stashed away in the basement, and I justify not sharing them, by noting the fact that my grandmother purchased many of them at Goodwill in the 70"s and they were old then, and now they are vintage and potentially valuable)

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