Monday, January 19, 2009

Isn't that the whole point of private school? Reflections from MLK Day

My son and his best friend are sitting at our kitchen table talking about bullies, over muffins.
My son's friend goes to a "free school", which I can't really relate to, but it works for him.
I asked him about bullies and he tells me that the school is chock full of them.



Geez mom, kids are going to break off into groups, no matter where you go. Unless it was just the two of us , in a homeschool situation. We wouldn't bully each other of course.

That is what my son tells me.

So is anyone bullying you? Because if they were, I would kick their butts!

(my comment, received by both boys with, hilarious laughter and rolling around on the floor- haw, haw I can just see Heidi fighting bullies)

(Wow, how did he get so articulate? With a mom that says WOW and threatens mean children with violence?)

she doesn't mean literally, she means she would call the principal.

yes, of course that is what I mean, fighting is never the answer

(yes! I have him fooled, now just try me bullies! Mama will knock you out.)

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