Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have done it my entire life. Sometimes it is just sitting up and talking, other times I wander around a bang into doors, furniture and once I even ran out of my apartment stark naked.


It is truly disconcerting and sometimes terrifying, to wake up and not know where you are, or to vividly hallucinate that your room is an entirely different place.

Last night was a nightful someplace in the middle between terrfying and annoying. Nothing scary, but lots of waking up and having the room look totally different than it really does.

I even turn on the light, and see the room & the furnishings look totally different, yet I am awake- sort of- and I have my eyes open.

Last night the furniture was really nice, two club chairs, and a nicer desk. the lamp was the same, and I knew I was lying in bed, looking toward the windows, but the window treatments were nicer, more like a hotel.

Three time I woke up, turned on the light and looked at that scene.
It wasn't scary, so I went back to sleep.

My husband learned early on to be wary of "getting into it" with me while I am talking in my sleep, as I like to argue, and sometimes it isn't clear that I am sleep talking (man am I ever eloquent, he tells me) until I say something totally off the wall. I also frequently, SCREAM, at top volume, which sometimes wakes me up and some times promps the weird conversations.

Anyway, I am tired as hell today, and that is basically that, I guess.

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