Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whew, I made it


the cook was ill today, which meant that I had to do the cooking and washing up and let me tell you, that job is not for sissies!
I did get me out of a potentially dry administrative meeting, so I guess I can be happy about that.

Small gifts from the universe.

I managed to whip out the lunch & morning snack, and leave the kitchen in good shape, for the gal that was taking over, but I am feeling it right now.

I have a dentist appointment across town ( I love my dentist, and would drive to the ends of the earth, or at least to North West Portland for him) in an hour and a half.

Mark came home at midnight, and will have to hit the ground running, by picking up F from preschool, then taking M to karate, and feeding them both some where in between, as I expect that this tooth is going to require a crown, which will take T I M E.

I bit down on some rice today, and nearly jumped out of my skin, so I suspect the old filling is cracked.

I tried to start a new book last night at bedtime tree of smoke, or smoke of fire or something like that, about Vietnam era CIA agents or brothers, it got rave reviews, noted as life changing, but so far, it was hard to get into.

Mark brought me a Nico CD, back from New York. Very cool.
I am S L O W L Y
switching over to CD, mostly so I can listen to music in the car.
I adore the song These Days.

He is a really talented gift finder, not me,
I totally suck.
He must have like fifteen black sweaters, the default gift.

Last year I did come up for something cool for his birthday.

I got him an hour float in a sensory deprivation tank. Perfect for the man that craves silence and darkness.

I did it once in high school with my zen boyfriend.
It totally freaked me out.

I hated it.

I jumped out after only a few minutes.

I am just not cut out for higher levels of consciousness, I guess.

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