Thursday, February 12, 2009

taking a short cut

I finally cut off a good deal of hair,
after kvetching about it for weeks.

I have no idea whether it
better or worse, but it feels better.

Which is worth something.

the stupid lighting is so awful,

and the camera so awful,

and lets face it the subject so awful,

that you can't tell anyway,
but there, next to the shockingly yellow wall, in the black pullover is me, last week, with unkempt longish hair, and the others
are me today with a very puffy face, eyes and snuffed up nose, with shorter unkempt hair.

I have no idea why my hair always looks so flat in pictures?

In real life I think my hair is quite fluffy, but I may be deceiving myself, it certainly would not be the first time!


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