Thursday, February 12, 2009

too much coffee spoils another morning

I am on a new crusade to be healthy and take better care of myself (what better time to start, then when I have a raging cold?).

So I finally scheduled an appointment to have a crown put on a tooth that has a big crack in it (don't worry it is wayyyyy in the back, where no one can see) and has been hurting like hell for nearly a YEAR.
It took an act of congress, to coordinate all of the childcare providers, dentist and my husband, for me to get over to the dentist, so he could look at the tooth and say,

"yep, it still has that big crack, and still needs a crown"

Next week I will jump over more tall buildings to have the tooth drilled down to a nub and a temporary cap put on, then two weeks of HELL will past with all manner of food sticking under and ripping the temp off, until the final crown is installed.

That all went down on Tuesday.

On Wednesday I went in to see my GYN for an "annual", except it had been three years!
She is a very nice doctor, a bit of a chatty patty, even, and she wound up giving me lab slips and mammogram orders galore, as well as hooking me up with her acupuncturist.

So like a responsible person, I headed out this morning to the lab at the nearest hospital.
The traffic was brutal,

the parking as a hassle,

finding the bloody (haha) lab entailed running a marathon, in and out of corridors, and mezzanines.

I stood in line with the great unwashed and ailing of Portland for 15 minutes (a lifetime to a germ-phobic neurotic like me), was greeted sweetly by a nice woman named Shirley, and informed that I was supposed to fast, and that means no cream in your coffee.

She explained that I could have some of the labs run, but the cholesterol test only works when one fasts, and that my insurance may or may not pay for a second test.

And alas, Shirley is right, my insurance most likely would not accept over consumption of dairy products as a valid excuse to run two sets of labs.

So I drove home defeated, and brewed up a fresh pot for consolation.

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  1. I HATE fasting tests! They shouldn't be allowed, ever.