Sunday, February 8, 2009

when your child is sick

it is just now 11:00am, but it feels fair enough to take a little break.

Time for Mary Poppins to take over for a few minutes.

My children are sickish.

Frey is just unable to "sniff"- this inability to sniff has created a lot of drama over the past two days, along with demands that I fix it.

I cannot fix the sniffer, so I allow her to sleep with me in her signature L style, with her little toes digging into my side all night long.

Maxwell got up at 5:00 am with a stiff neck and "a knife going through my head", headache.

He also threw up,

but throwing up is very normal for him, so we had to go through a long conversation about the origin of the vomit.

"is your stomach upset?"


" are you dizzy?"

a little

"are your really hungry and feeling shaky?"

a little

so the vomiting is most likely a result of the headache and not a true stomach thing.

I hope.

My husband returns tomorrow, most likely just in time for everyone to be well again.


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