Thursday, February 19, 2009

this girl likes to party all the time

lately it feels like I am busy all the time.

Each day is jam packed with STUFF that has to get done.

I am going in for that raincheck, fasting blood test today.

I got a lot done this morning, after slacking on the housework for several weeks, I went through the whole routine.

Sadly, that means I also saw the giant list of stuff that needs to be repaired & painted.

I had another board meeting last night, and this Saturday we host a big open house, which will require me to arrive early and help spiff things up a bit. I am popping into the office this afternoon for a short meeting, but I swear, I am keeping it SHORT.

I feel guilty about leaving the kids so much this week, with Mark leaving on another trip Wednesday, and me having two more

meetings evenings next week, and dental work.

It is going to interesting to say the least.
I see a lot of fast food in the future.

Here are some shots of our bedrooms
this is Maxwells collection corner, with his Usagi poster and vintage StarWars comic (thanks Joyce!).
His room is painted in that Waldorf watercolor style.

And- the little sitting area in my bedroom.

I slip covered that chair (without a pattern, thank you very much!) for Maxwell's nursery when he was an infant and it totally doesn't match my room, but Mark likes to sit in it to read stories for bedtime... so there you go.
I don't know when I will be inspired enough to make a matching slipcover again.and this is a beautiful bedcover a friend brought me back from India recently. I love the tailored pillow slips. And you can see my favorite comics, framed on the wall- a Crumb "dirty laundry" and one of Aline Kominsky Crumb's covers from Weirdo, where she calls herself "the aluminum siding sales person of comics"

and the Freyja's pink room, chock full of crap. Thank you Ikea for a place to house the 10,000 dresses. Those are Mme (is that the french abbreviation? Alexander dolls, that I secretly want for myself.

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