Wednesday, February 25, 2009

blahhumblog, clutterbug

I am really freaking tired today.
Scary tired.

I have two meetings to attend and all I want to do is roll up into a ball

You can sort of judge the my state of mind, by the level of clutter in my house, and I think we are reaching
code red
that print?

That was a holiday gift, one I REQUESTED, specifically.
I may have even nagged a teeny bit.

There it sits unframed. Though not unloved. I had visions of something ornate an vintage, gilt, perhaps but so far I haven't found anything that strikes my fancy, and to tell you the truth- I haven't looked very hard.
Those Ikea candles, truly are non-drip- so I guess that is something. I love them. and I am not a big Ikea fan. Not like most people.

here is Moonshadow hanging out on the diningroom chair, along with
Like it is totally normal, she is getting all haughty, thinking her hair doesn't stick or something.

I am blaming my tiredness on all the grinding at the dentist yesterday, to "prepare" the tooth for the crown.
I was up half the damn night with jaw pain, and weird dreams.
I think it is absurd that I should pay $522.79
only to have to WAIT for 16 days to have the crown "seated".
I will never tire of ranting about this.
I think temp crowns are one of the most irritating things invented.
My mouth hurts, I am tired, my husband is gone for five days, and things feel all unhinged.
Can I say it again?
Hell, yes!
it is my blog and I whine if I want to.
I have no obligation to be nice here.

My son is taking advantage of my
mood, and my desire to blog,
by quietly eating "Onkel bread" with butter
and drinking cherry juice in the living room.
Strictly verboten under normal circumstances- too crumby, too much stain potential.
Clever boy.
His sister needs to get up from nap, or she will never go to bed tonight.

Off I go.

This is manna from heaven, for my children. Onkel bread, is white bread, which their evil, whole-grain pusher mother rations to them, but their wonderful and fabulous
, buys with great abandon, all the damn time.
The only thing better is "old Onkie bread", the tooth shattering result of forgetting the bread for several days.
You would think they were starving peasants, the way the swoon over the stuff.

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