Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Popovers & soup with a side of sickness

I am tired,

my family is sick.

I feel vaguely sick myself.

Monday was a bit of a loss...

I wasted four hours, yesterday (not all in a row, thank god) messing with tech difficulties on the computer.

Nothing new here.

Just the same old crud.

I am the same inept idiot who cannot operate a camera.

I tried to go swimming, only to leave after 30 minutes, with my sciatica acting up something fierce.

a true pain in the ass.

It got more exciting from there...

MIL called at 1:20am to get Mark to take her to the ER, she has pneumonia!


There is nothing like being up at 1:30 in the morning and worrying about your partner to make you feel like crap.

Good thing I had work at 7:30, to keep me busy!

I know it scared him, to have his mom hospitalworthy sick in the night, for the second time in six months.

To makes matters worse, he has a 6:00am flight to NY, in the morning.

Didn't we say something last week about not being owned by stress?

Man, it feels relentless lately.

I did make a really good mushroom soup (lots of zinc, ya know) last night for all us sickies, and potential sickies...

saute a couple pounds of mushroom slices, with an onion, in EVVO.
add veg broth to the desired consistency, and some fresh spinach, red peppers, and garlic. very lovely.

You may serve with some really tall popovers, if you feel daring. Otherwise good old fashioned toast will work.

All my hopes of posting pictures, on a regular basis, have gone right out the window, as both the camera and the computer are FUBAR and make me want to rip what is left of my hair out, each time I attempt to post.



  1. Where is the popover recipe? Or more importantly, what is a popover?

  2. a popover is a big steam leavened eggy bread product,
    here is a good resource for all popover needs