Sunday, February 22, 2009

happiness runs in a circular motion

here we are,
are back to Sunday.

Today was one of those groggy mornings,
where mommy puts a coat over her nightgown
goes out for pastry,
at the
frou frou faux French
place down the street.

My children think this is one of the funniest things in the whole world,
getting take out in one's pajamas is a laugh riot around here.

I wish there was an exciting story behind my fogginess this morning, but it is simply a matter of staying up too damn late watching

No Reservations

(you know how I love me some Anthony Bourdain-
he was in Beruit and the Pacific NW, so naturally I had to watch the whole DVD, and become outraged by his restaurant choices in Portland,
come on man
Voodoo donuts is not all there is to the Portland food scene, by a very long shot.)

and then not sleeping well on our cruddy lumpy futon, and of course having Freyja wake me up at 6:00am.

So after much coffee, some vacuuming I dragged myself out onto the deck and planted some nasturtium seeds, in one pot. that is it. The extent of my morning labor.

I hope the seeds take off.

I count on nasturtiums and johnny jump ups for garnishes and tiny micro bouquets through Thanksgiving.

I love the way they look on salads and cupcakes.

I will plant the pansy seeds next week, when I feel the threat of frost is really gone.

La di da.
Remember that scene in Annie Hall, where Woody Allen tells Annie, that he never imagines himself with someone who says "la di da"?
I never imagined myself quite this frowzy, yet here I am.

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