Saturday, February 28, 2009

rainy, random, ramble

I could write this day like the intro to The Cat in the Hat.

It was a cold cruddy day, and the children stayed in to play.

The little one bellowed and bawled, demanded and snapped, refused to eat, refused to NAP.

The big one was cranky, belligerent and gruff.

Mama felt that a rainy Saturday without daddy certainly was rough.

There was no tv to soften the blow,
as the creeps in Washington forced digital conversion, the weather interfered with the box, and the screen remained white as snow.

"Damn you to hell", the mama was heard shouting.

"don't use potty words mama", the son said, outing, his mother's terrible temper.

"bring me more coffee!" she said, as she collapsed with a whimper.

I am cold, I am tired, I brought out playdough.

If you know me at all, you know that messy toys is not how I usually go.

So it goes, three days with no TV.

The digital thing is a mystery to me.

Unhook it! Unhook it!

The poor husband said on the phone.

You know I am a technical idiot,

I screamed!

just leave me alone!

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