Friday, February 6, 2009

I promised I'd write, right?

and I am trying. It has been an ok finish to an ok week.
Lots of action around here today, ballet, then off to the doc, for the little one to get shots.

We delayed vaccines for her, so now we are playing catch up.

I feel right and righteous about our choices and pacing, but damn, it is hard to watch a four year old get 3 shots all at once. (wince)
Babies cry often enough that it isn't quite as jarring.

This child never cries, so it felt really harsh to listen to her cry out.

She knew what was coming, we talked about it first, but who can be prepared for such a thing?

The next big thing is to take brother to his friend's house for some play.

I hope they invite him to spend the night, because it would be nice to not have to be entertaining tonight.

I am feeling a little old and worn around the edges today.

I made a photo of myself for Facebook, no makeup, no hairdo, and good god, was it ever ugly. I try not to get too hung up about the aging thing, but some days it hits me literally in the face.

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