Tuesday, February 17, 2009

reading, reading, reading

I just finished "Devil's Peak" a so-so "thriller" set in South Africa (one of the only things to really make it interesting) written by Deon Meyers. A decent quick ready, but nothing literary, if you know what I mean? Entertainment for a dreary Sunday afternoon, nothing more. Very TV movie of the week.

Also finishing up "Confinement", by Carrie Brown. This one really was a bigger turkey, than the thriller, in the sense that I actually had some expectations for it to be good. I was bored and unmoved by the characters, even though the plot had a lot of potential (holocaust survivors, teen pregnancy, alcoholic mother, secrecy).


Still working on Tree of Smoke, by Denis Johnson. I am trying HARD to like it and it does show some promise, but I am not hooked.

I finished "Funhome" by Alison Bedchel a while back and it was really good. A graphic novel with a great heartfelt story about the author's closeted dad.

I am hoping to get something into my hands soon, that really knocks my socks off.

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