Saturday, January 9, 2010

Worry wart

I made it through another sleep over.  Maxwell spent the night at his best friend's house, for a birthday party, which usually means a sleepless night for me, but I did pretty well last night, worrying very little.  I did make Mark call to check in at 10:00am though.

We are rewatching season three of the Sopranos.  I never watch movies twice, but I am enjoying watching this again, since it has been several years, and I like the show so much.

We also watched The King of Comedy on DVD.  It held up really well, it looked dated, but it didn't detract from the movie in any way.  

I bought Mark a Scorsese collection of DVDs for Christmas, so I fully expect to watch the whole catalog over the next few months, which is fine with me.

Jerry Lewis plays the bad guy so well in this movie, really brilliant. 
I also love him in Funny Bones , where he is essentially playing the same part, but he pulls it off so well.  Both are among my favorite films, so perhaps I have some weird Jerry Lewis fetish?  Geez, I hope not.

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