Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We managed to stay up until midnight, which is something I never do.  I just never feel well when  I stay up late, but I had promised Maxwell that he could stay up with his friend, so up we were.  

Freya had a morning playdate, which was fabulous until I realized that they had upended a huge basket of Playmobil figure and dismantled many of them, as well as dumping out tons of other things, while I was in the shower.  It took me and both children and hour and a half to put everything back together!

We had a couple of friends over for dinner.  I made a fabulous soul food feast, with homemade mac and cheese, okra, cornbread, coleslaw, baked beans and a friend brought over three desserts, so all in all is was an excessive evening.

I am plowing through the big stack of paperbacks Mark got me for Christmas.  I finished the wrong mother , by Sophie Hannah, essentially a murder mystery.   The protagonist is a working mother to two young children, which made it more relatable for me.  It was a decent read, however the ending was a bit silly, and contrived.

I also finished the best food writing of 2009- I always enjoy those anthologies, and this was a particularly good one, which reminds me that I forgot to get Mark the "best crime writing of2009" which he likes, and is always a good gift for the man that is impossible to buy for.  

I am just starting the we came to an end which I am liking a lot.  It is about a fatcat ad agency facing layoff and economic  downturn.  The writing is very conversational and witty, which I like. 

I also read about two pages of the girl with the dragon tattoo which has gotten so much hype, that I hardly need to throw my two cents in.  I hope to love it.  I have not loved a book in a while.  


  1. I just finished Empress Orchid by Anchee Min. I loved it!

  2. Let us know about the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. It's on my list to read.