Sunday, January 10, 2010

dining OUT!

Tuesday is my 42nd birthday.  With birthdays come all this pressure to be feted and dined and celebrated, none of which suits me very well.  I love to throw a party, but I am hard pressed to sit still and be the guest of honor. 

I am never comfortable in that role and usually work myself into a nervous wreck before I even leave the house. Our week is super busy and we have swimming lessons smack in the middle of Tuesday evening, for both children, so tonight was our window for going out to dinner. 

I chose this place     which was daring of me, since it was new and I was feeling a little put on the spot.  

I almost always wind up going to bread and ink when put on the spot, but I have fallen out of love with them ever since they discontinued their Yiddish brunch and started adding all kinds of "fusion" items to the menu. Things like chicken skewers do not belong on my bread and ink menu, thank you very much!   I decided to bust out, and I am glad I did. 
The food was lovely. 

Authentica is not perfect and not quite as distinct and magical  as the garden seating at  La Calaca Comelona  which we both adore, but good none the less. 

The black bean tortillas were wonderful, fully, soft and chewy good, with three unusual salsas.  

The romaine salad with Mexican fresh cheese and  spicy peanuts was terrific and the house guacamole perfect. 

We shared a pomegranate margarita (hey it's Sunday, duty calls early in our house!) which was excellent.

When we were driving home Mark said  

"it is really hard to eat out with someone that is a really good cook, and it is hard to eat out after living with a really good cook for twelve years." 

It made me feel good that he got where I was coming from and that he values what I do in the kitchen. 


  1. I don't think bread and ink has had yiddish brunch since the 1980's

  2. NOT true! I have eaten it there as late as 1998! when Mark and I were there for a second date.