Friday, January 15, 2010

Mark's sister was married July of 2008, and they had a photo booth at the reception, which Freyja got into and managed to figure out how to operate... needless to say they wound up with LOTS of pictures of the Bootiful Princess! 

As her birthday draws near we are spending lots of time talking about what she did when she was littler, and how she was when she was a baby.

These topics are endlessly entertaining to her.

She is far more curious and inquisitive about real life events than Maxwell ever was at this age.

She has already asked me both how babies get into their mom's tummy and out.

Maxwell  never cared, even when I was pregnant, simply taking my word for it when I said that we really, really wished for a second child. 
That explanation was good enough for him, at five and half.  A child that believed in fairies and gnomes, and stubbornly clung to Santa until he was nine and half.

Freyja is much more interested in facts and figures (enjoys counting change for instance) and shows very little enthusiasm for the Waldorf curriculum that suited her brother so well for preschool.

We have to start searching for a school soon.

The lottery is upon us, and the insanity that overcame our lives six years ago will visit us again, with school tours and brochures, waitlisting,  hand wringing and waiting for lottery results.

I feel much calmer and more prepared this time round, but it is still a nail biter. 

I want the math and science magnet that goes through eighth grade and Mark desires the simplicity of our neighborhood school.  There is a new Montessori charter school, but they start at first grade, and are in North Portland!

Maxwell has hinted an interest in the arts magnet Jr. High, but I think we are pretty set on Mt. Tabor Jr. High's Cedarwood? Redwood?  plank? their core  program for academically gifted children.

That one feels like a no brainer, it is the damn kindergarten that has me losing sleep.

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