Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have very few photos of myself from say age 10 when my grandmother stopped having an annual portrait made until I had children ( classic case of low self esteem plus not owning a camera- in the few that I do have, I can be seen in every photo hanging onto my long suffering boyfriend like a life raft, or hiding behind taller friends.), but I thought I would post a few from 20ish years ago, since it is my birthday and it feels weird to think that I was already an adult 20 years ago, and part of what I am trying to do with this writing project is to be more authentic with myself.  That is why I post my photos now, living more in the present and trying to worry less about perfection.  

The top one is from Christmas 1984 at my mother's house.
The one with the pink jeans is sometime in 1985
The purple stripe shirt photo is cropped from a big group photo from a New Year party 1992
and the beach photo is me sleeping, at the Jonathan Club in LA July 1986, I drove down with the long suffering boyfriend after graduation.

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