Saturday, January 23, 2010

I have been requested to attend an open house for work tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I am not excited about the prospect of working on Sunday, and leaving Mark with the children, but I am easily guilted into such things so work I shall.

I was also asked to bake something, and since I have and  unhealthy sense of obligation, even when I  know that there is no reason to feel obligated.

It is an illness or a wound-  a big scrape that  I am waiting for someone to say  "you really should get that looked at",but most people are too polite.

Mark looks at the kitchen and shakes his head, then opts to take Freyja for an hour long walk.

What if no one else bakes anything and the table looks bare? 

 I think to myself.

In my mind I have to save the whole world from disasters, created by the  incompetency of  less conscientious people.

Everyone is one cake away from misfortune, in my head.

No one likes to be rescued and no one values or appreciates  my over diligence.  I learned that much long ago, but that doesn't dissuade me, on I march straightening collars, tidying up and working on my day off.

I baked four varieties of vegan cakes.

huckleberry lemon
ginger apple oat
banana apple muffins
gingerbread with prunes (which I baked in a copper fish mold, and Max says looks like a snake)

Now I am tired.

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  1. i'm dating a vegan i really like a lot now - you will have to give me all your best vegan recipes.