Monday, January 11, 2010


We have this set of kitchen chairs that are really rather nice. 

They are all wood, made in Czechoslovakia. 

I purchased them along with the table about 8 years ago at a garage sale and we have been delighted with them ever since. 

That I discovered, a year or two into owning them, that they had these little nonsensically placed nails on the bottoms of each leg, that were punching HOLES in my kitchen floor! I was SICK, when I realized that 

A.  The kitchen floor was pretty much FUBAR by the time I realized what was creating the problem

B. That I will never have the money to buy a new kitchen floor.

Upon discovering the source of the ruined floor, I immediately went  Home Depot and purchased this handy little plastic feet that you nail onto the bottom of the offending chair leg to stop the damage to your already cruddy vinyl floor. 

They did the trick!

Until tonight, when I went to scoot Miss F. up to the table, and felt that horrible resistance.  

I knew instantly, it was another hole in the floor.  

In a fit of rage, off I went again to Home Depot, to purchase yet MORE little plastic feet.  Naturally the little plastic feet that I needed to match the ONE missing from my chair were not longer in stock, so I had to purchase four NEW LARGER plastic feet. 

When I got home I realized that I had to somehow pry the old feet off three of the legs, and  of course every tool in the house was misplaced or missing, so I had to use a butter knife.  

Then came the time to apply the new feet, which required finding a suitable hammer substitute- 
Dansko clog?  Worked pretty well, but I finally settled on a wooden meat hammer, that I had won as a door prize in 1985 at a Tupperware party.  

I was to have margaritas with a friend tonight to celebrate my birthday, but she couldn't make it, but I was not to be thwarted, I made a quart of fresh squeezed margs and by cracky, I intend to force both Mark and Rolf to drink to my health, my handiness and my birth! OR ELSE!



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