Sunday, January 17, 2010

when you give birth...

People give birth everyday.

It is normal, miraculous, and extraordinary, all at once.

When there are complications it can become super intense, super fast.

There were complications, and I ended up on bedrest for SIX weeks.   I don't sit down for six seconds, how would I lie down for six weeks with my five year old and my new born?

Both of my kids nearly killed me. 

For Real. 


Birth is just not for me.

Five years ago, I was  happy to have a big, healthy baby girl, right before they told me not to move for six weeks, lest I drop dead.


All that natural birth shit?

Right out the window, this baby had done me in.

My husband was due to leave on a business trip for New York.

We needed that income, that business trip! 

I had no choice but to call on the replacements !

Both my parents and Rolf came through with flying colors!

They made Maxwell's life ok, and got me through a dark time.

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