Sunday, January 17, 2010

it's all fun until someone's hair catches on FIRE!

Yesterday we attended a party for one of  Freyja's friends. 
It was a beautifully done, large party. 
When the time came for cake all of the children gathered around a big table and each recieved a Voodoo doughnut with a little candle.
I am normally a pretty uptight person, always watching out, but fire makes me even more nervous. 
I looked over to see a little girl with long, long wavy hair bend close to her candle, and just as I was about to say
"don't bend so close"

her hair burst into FLAMES!!

I was a long way away, with many chairs and children in my path, so I screamed to a mom that was closer, and she patted out the flames. 


Later Freyja said
"Mommy, you embarrassed everyone with your loud voice."

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