Thursday, January 14, 2010


In 1988 I got my second poodle, Teddy Braun, after the tragic death of my first poodle Pupp-o.
Ted was trouble from the start and remained a giant biting, barking, pain in the ass until the day he died in 2002, but I loved him dearly and so did Rolf.

Over the years I made up a long running story, for Rolf, about him and his origins (he came from a planet called Goatron, ruled by oppressive goats, that had driven the poodles population underground, where they developed time & space travel, as well as gem mining.)
The time traveling poodle was a bridge blowing up anarchist, in turn of the century Danzig.
He led all kinds of labor movement protests and strikes.  He implanted tracking devices in the teeth of people he would need to meet again, via kindly pediatric dentists sympathetic to his cause (this explains why both Rolf and I have such cruddy teeth!).

Recently Rolf's friend K. has written some of the story down, as well as created illustrations.  This  is part of the little book she made as a Christmas gift.

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