Sunday, August 7, 2011

toys in the attic

I made the mistake of mentioning to Freyja that I had a lot of my old toys stored in the attic.  She pestered me to show her all morning, so I moved a bookcase out of the way, and pulled out one box of dusty old dolls, which seemed to appease her relentless curiosity.  

I also found a vintage suitcase, which I used to use to use to store photos and keepsakes.  I had forgotten about most of those photos, so it was fun to see them after 13 years in the attic.

I like looking at photos of my old apartment on Broadway drive, and impress myself with how much work I did with so little money on that old shack.

My mother and I painted every inch of the place, wallpapered extensively and sanded down the floors (which had been painted over for a hundred years) we replaced glass in windows that had been painted black (who needs curtains, right? ) we put a drain board in the kitchen and shelving underneath to create a countertop.... It was a dump when I moved in, and a pretty spiffy dump when I left in 1991. I am pretty impressed with my 19 year old self, and my handywoman skills!

this red futon was the first piece of furniture I ever bought, it cost $200 and I thought I had lost my mind.

The poodle was a gift from an old boyfriend, the poodle stayed with me for 17 years, the boyfriend was gone within two.

My college roommate J, showing off her tough motorcycle burn, and dish washing skills.  We had a lot of laughs in that apartment, although she accused me regularly of trying to turn the place into Daisykingdom, and she hated my red wainscoting.  I did have then and still do today have a lot of knickknacks, I like my stuff, what can I say.

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