Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blue Lake Park

I really needed to get away, so I loaded Miss F into the car early Saturday morning and we drove east, along the Columbia river, out of town, away from phones and e-mail and housework.

We stopped off first in Hood River to pick some cherries and to kill some time until the sun showed up.  I would have kept on driving right on into Idaho, had Freyja not insisted on a destination.  So I made one up.

It was a windy overcast day, and even I needed a sweater!

The farm was sweet and the trees were tiny, the ladders stable, it almost felt like cheating, the ease of picking!

Organic cherries! $2.00 a pound!  We wound up picking 15 pounds, which is a lot of cherries!

they provided us with lovely buckets and ladders and low hanging fruit.

Then we headed back west toward the dam, and stopped at the fish hatchery to get a peek at Herman the Surgeon, and pick up a coffee at the gift shop. 

Dinosaur Fish! 

We hit Blue Lake Park at noon, and the water was warm enough for swimming.  This is an idea place to go if you have young children, not a great place to go if you hate children and families, because it is packed with them.  There is a beautiful piece of the lake that is covered in lilypads and waterlilies, just remarkable to look at, but the action is down by the beach, where the sand bottom and shallow warm water make it easy for parents to let their children play in the water.  I blew it by not bringing a friend along form Freyja.

 On the way home we stopped off at Sheridan Foods and bought some things to BBQ for dinner.  It turned out to be a pretty excellent day, all and all!

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