Sunday, August 28, 2011

it goes something like this

We have continued to have these crazy busy weeks and weekends and I wonder if they will ever stop?

The rockband, name pending,  has taken more form over the past week and had couple practices; I am more impressed than horrified so far.

The kids are keeping the noise level pretty low and working really hard on song writing and only asking me for Dairy Queen money once in a blue moon, and one kid brought a pan of brownies ( I am dazzled by boys with brownies!)  and the girl bass player really kicks ass ( I am dazzled by kick ass, girl bass players) ...


Mark worked all day on Saturday.

Freyja had two friends over.

I loved having them.  They are lovely low maintence children of artists.  I was happy for the company.

Working weekends-

That seems to be our new reality.

I went to a housewarming for a dear friend and fixed her faucet.

I felt a tiny bit useful, but got sprayed, by the faucet, sans aerator, which was really annoying and awkward- I walked around the gathering with a wet T-Shirt, not in a good way. 

My friend was busy,

I sliced potatoes, I chopped cabbage, because that is what I do-  I am useful in a pinch...

I hate parties.

I Ate pie and pretended that is was perfectly normal to be wet.

It was that kind of day, and I am having that kind of life lately.

My friend was happy to have a faucet that worked and called me handy.

I am pretty freaking handy.

Rolf and I and Maxwell made our Saturday dinner.

I am trying to teach Maxwell to be handy, he is a not super apt as a pupil.

I wonder what my parents taught me?

They had other things to attend to, I guess.  

I guess? 

Don't take any wooden nickles...   

Not that many teachable moments, 
I guess.  
They were young.   
I am not young.   
I am an old maid an old mama and I want my children to know that I think of them constantly, even when I am working weekends, even when I am fixing someone's faucet.  
I never want there to be a shadow of a doubt about what is on my mind.

My Saturday dinner is SACRED.

My children know it.

My husband knows it.

It is hands off, if you know what I mean.

I am naked without my Saturday dinner.

It all worked out.

We didn't have guests, which I hate.

The not having guests, part-

I hate that.

I need my people.

I lack historical. parental guidance, I need my people. 

At 7:30, Mark noticed and said

"we need to do something special for Mommy"

All of us, piled into the car and drove to north Portland for Ruby Jewel ice cream, and walked up NE Mississippi St, like a pack of hipsters, Freyja was barefoot, wielding a double chocolate cone while perched upon Rolf's shoulders.

At one point she dripped a lot of ice cream on his head.

No one cared.

We laughed - a lot.

We looked at shops.

We laughed a little more.

Revived, we drove home laughing, and watched "the invention of lying" which was funny, although there was a bit about masturbation, that made me cringe, with Maxwell in the room.

We all needed a break.

It was a very good idea to go OUT.

On Sunday, I had to work.

I grilled veggies for 20 people.

I shopped and I cooked, baked and organized, for an In-Service event at work, Monday.

My kids ate take out pizza...  

I am not proud. 

In the evening, Rolf came down to the school as worked as my prep cook.

We made eggplant salad, tabbouleh, and some fruit salad.

We cleaned, we chopped and we laughed a little.

I cooked like a MOFO

I made vegan marionberry muffins for my staff for morning.

This is what I do. I make up for... I compensate and I excel.

I asked the teachers to arrive at 8:00 and work 'till 5:00, which will be brutal for some. 

Toughen up people, there is a lot more of life to come.

When I came home, Maxwell's best friend was seated on my sofa.

He is like a third child to us.

did you get in on the pizza?

Let me get you a slice. 

and as the Great Mr. Vonnetgut  said, so it goes...

Moonshadow watching band practice

the band!

the most beautiful, lovely, talented and delightful child in the whole wide world, and I get to spend time with him.

Moonshadow and Ripley watching a movie with us.

Ripley as Eurotrash Starfu&*#$

Mommy, always cleaning, to quote Joni, sort of

Watching the band practice and not being horrified, photo by Miss F. green eyeshadow seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Freyja as photographer makes me look pretty good!

I need my Saturday night dinner and you all better play along! 

On Sunday, I started cooking for my staff meal for Monday In-Service, grilling zuch's YO!

a sweet urban farmer donated a giant box of veggies for my In-Service meeting, this is meet cooking like a Mofo, getting ready.

My six pound baby, in his new jacket.

My new favorite wine, that Rolf brought to Saturday's dinner !

Onkel and Riptron


  1. I would love to come to Sat. dinner, if only I lived a little closer. I want to try that wine!

  2. Love all of the photos- Ripley is eurotrash?? I had no idea!

  3. My grampa had converted to Gewurztraminer a few years before he died. I generally don't like either white *or* sweet in a wine, but this particular one is forgivable somehow.

    I am STILL HOPING that the tomatoes come through this year and that we are soon buried in them - so far it's been disappointing - but your box of veggies and cooking like a mofo made me think of my longing for tomatoes. sigh.

    I love your attachment to your Saturday dinner ritual. I think we spend too much time cracking out on the internet and not taking enough advantage of having running water and a proper hob in our kitchen (my gypsy lifestyle what it is, this hasn't always been the case).

    You're very brave to invite your baby and his friends to have a band in the LIVING ROOM, holy cow, when you have a basement and a garage. Wait - don't you have a garage? Well anyway.

    Linda's Jake had some musical moments in his not-back-to-school camp, they recorded some of it, OH MY MAUDE we were both tearing up because our baby has his own artistic pursuits now. *sniffle, blub!*

  4. Get your grandpa that wine (New Seasons) it really puts G to shame, it is that good.

    Our basement is choke full of shit, so no room at the inn for a rock band. We don't have a garage, they tore it down, and built that new house, when we bought the property in 1998, before we came it was quite lovely I hear, from the neighbors!