Thursday, August 18, 2011

I just came to know that my neighbor is poisoning racoons, using catfood as bait.  

Our neighborhood is full of nosy,  roaming cats, just looking for a snack. 

We are keeping Moonshadow inside for the time being, which is no easy feat, restraining a very motivated twenty pound cat takes a lot of maneuvering, let me tell you!

It could all just be a rumor, since the neighbor told me that she was only trapping, the racoons.  

She does really hate both the racoons and cats though, so I have a feeling it may be true.  

Her persistent hatred, along with the fact that a giant, dead, raccoon toppled from the roof of her deck into our back yard, a few months ago, seems to indicate that she is capable of raccoonacide, or I suppose it could just be a coincidence that a big unwounded raccoon just happened to drop dead after a visit to her garden.

This woman is not very well liked in the neighborhood, although I don't really mind her, except when she smokes and it wafts onto my deck.   

She has threatened to shoot our cat in the past, but I always tried to overlook that part in the interest of good relations.  

You know, turn the other cheek and all that. 


  1. I'd report her to the Humane Society ASAP before someone's beloved pet dies a horrible death. Poisoning ANY animal is incredibly cruel. This is sickening.

  2. I don't think I could turn the other cheek if someone said they would shoot my cat.


  3. yeah, I was sort of being deadpan, I am not super happy about anyone threatening my cat, I am trying hard to keep things sane enough so that she doesn't resort to sneaky behavior, if I can kill her with kindness, I can hopefully keep her from getting any worse.

  4. Your level of tolerance amazes me.

    Racoons are considered wild and protected animals, you can't even shoot them if they're threatening animals in your own yard (I was tempted when they kept beheading my chickens). She's in violation of state law, you're totally within reason to report it.