Thursday, August 18, 2011

... she didn't know what to do!

I had a doozy parenting blunder on Tuesday.

It all started Monday night.  
I was all flummoxed over that missed e-mailed invitation for Freyja, for  a fairy club meeting, and I was all jangled by work and I was all distressed over how I was going find childcare for Freyja while I went to pick Maxwell up at the airport, that I somehow allowed myself to be led astray from my plan.

The plan was a simple one, to have a neighbor stay with Freyja while I went to pick up Maxwell. 

Then I started fretting about the e-mail thing and my mind got all woozly with worry. 

Then I allowed Mark to interject his opinion, which is never a good idea, because when I deviate from my plan, trouble is sure to follow. 

I should know better.

His idea was that he could somehow come home at 4:00pm and care for Freyja, which is about as likely as pigs flying, since he hasn't made it home before 6:30 in ages. 

So all of this was floating around in my head, making me very nervous, when a reply came from the mom of the fairy club child and I thought some how that the fairy club was the next day, right at the time I had to be at the airport, and having Mark pick up from there at 6:30 seemed like a pretty good solution. 

Problem solved!

E X C E P T !!!

The fairy club was in fact on WEDNESDAY, not Tuesday. 

I don't have a cell phone, so I didn't find out that my child was at someone's home on the wrong day, until I walked in the door at 5:55pm, and noticed a message from the daycare center.
"ummm, Heidi Freyja is saying she is supposed to go home with the fairy club, and her carseat is here, but the fairy club is Wednesday!"

Lucky for me the fairy mom was a good sport and took Miss F home with her. 

I phoned Mark who informed me that he was still at his office in Milwaukie!!!

Not close to picking Freyja up at all.

A whole town away!

I raced across town and picked her up at 6:15.

I was totally mortified, being someone that is not only, never late, but also  most certainly not usually confused!!

They laughed it off and offered to pick her up for the club the next day.

I happened to have an evening meeting so I asked Mark to pick up at 6:30 -and don't be late, I cautioned.

Except, I didn't go back and read the invitation, which said 6:00pm, so Mark was far from delighted with me when I got home at 7:30. 

The level of my embarrassment was so high, that I spent the balance of the evening pacing around the deck asking Rolf over and over to assess the lameness factor, and whether baking some kind of apology cake was in order? I briefly considered smoking a cigarette to calm my nerves and  in the end I made a card, and some candies and hoped with intensity, that this woman also has the occasional off week.

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