Thursday, August 11, 2011

a roof over our heads

For years and years we have talked about putting a roof back on our deck (we took the tacky, broken one off when we moved in). 

I recently had some work done for the school and really liked the quality and style of the carpenter, so I asked him if he could make us a deck cover that didn't look too hillbilly, yet not break the bank, which is what he did!


and while all of that hard work was going on outside of the kitchen, I was busy inside, baking some tarts, win/win baby!

I love my new, old oven! 

raspberries and dark cherries

Marionberry & peach on an almond, oat shortbread crust, of my own invention.


  1. What is the clear stuff on the roof of the new deck? Is it a clear plastic that usually comes in green? I really like how this turned out and in my super dark hours I could probably have something like this when we build a new deck.

  2. "baking some tarts" = 'getting my friends stoned', except ... the pictures don't match.