Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tall woman wearing clogs

I sometimes look at the "traffic source" listing for this blog, which is pretty silly, considering I have no idea what all the data means, but today I notice one of the search results which led the viewer here was "tall woman wearing clogs" which sounds like some kooky fetish. 

I hope the person wasn't terribly disappointed to only find a short woman wearing clogs. 

I wonder if anyone ever googles "short woman wearing clogs in hopes of looking taller." ?
Now that would be a interesting fetish!  

If I have my way, I will be purchasing these clogs for fall.

or, perhaps these,  a style I favored in the 80's, which those who have known me since high school will remember, if you are weird and remember other people's shoe choices from 25 years ago. They are a reissue, because, clearly they are awesome! 

I adore Fluevog shoes, which claim to protect you from Satan, which is really all you can really hope for from a pair of shoes, now isn't it?


  1. HAHHAHAHAHA!! Never trust a google search result, that's all I have to say.

    I never cared for pointy-toed shoes, myself - very likely because I have the pork chop feet. I guess Satan is just going to get me one day, unless there's another Satan-repelling accessory that I don't know about. Maybe I should put a wooden stake and a mallet in my handbag? IT'LL BE THE ONLY THINGS NOT ALREADY IN THERE, jesus, how does my bag collect so much crap?!?

    I also comfortably assume that everyone who knew me in high school has forgotten everything. It makes it possible to go on without hanging myself.

    However! You, unlike myself, had excellent taste in shoes at a tender age. Those clogs are made of pure awesome.

  2. Killer clogs! I want, I want...