Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh, goody a drumset!

My mother send a drumset home with Maxwell, without asking if it was ok. 

I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea, but I now have it set up in Freyja's playroom, which is part of our livingroom.

I am not very excited about it.

It is a big drumset.

It could be bigger!  It isn't like as big as say Rush's drummer's kit.

That is what my friend Don said when he came over to set it up.  

I  phoned him the night before, when the pile of cartons had begun to drive me batty after sitting in the corner for over a week. 

Yes, Don is correct.  

It is indeed smaller than a 1980's progressive rock band's drum kit.  

I will give him an A+ for observation.   

Don is a musician, and for him it seems perfectly normal to have a drum kit in your living room. 

He also happens to be one of those repulsively upbeat and cheerful types that insists on seeing the bright side of everything, which is the primary reason I phoned him at 11:00pm and begged for assistance, rather than facing the snarlfest that would surely ensue if Mark and I attempted to put the blasted thing together.  

You should see us try to put up the Christmas tree!  It isn't pretty!

He was the ideal choice, sauntering in almost on time, with his sticky one year old and a bag of groceries, that needed cooling in my fridge. 

He gayly poured the whole crew limeaide and set to work screwing things together, while his baby daughter dragged a suitcase around the living room (she and Don found the suitcase in the basement, where he had gone to fetch ice, from the deep freeze.)

And by cricky, within an hour he had the whole thing assembled, backward, to accommodate our left handed player, despite a little setback, when I made the baby cry, by turning on the vacuum cleaner.  

Bad Vacuum!

She wailed, and demanded to go outside.

In the end, Maxwell was delighted (he got a basic lesson on how to do a rock beat), his friend was impressed that I was able to conjure up a drum assembly team so nicely, and the baby was happy the vacuuming was over at last.  

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