Sunday, August 21, 2011

I had dinner with old friends on Saturday, which was delightful.

One friend mentioned that a two day weekend made her feel like she hardly had time to rest, or catch up, or get anything done, and I agree... two days is simple not enough to feel rested.

We crammed a lot in though!

Freyja had two, count 'em two action packed play dates with sweet friends.

I got to have my grown up dinner, with Miss F. behaving like  a champ.

She and Rolf and I went out for pastry Early, early Saturday morning.  My friend Joe came by for a much needed visit.

She and I went shopping like crazy people at three different grocery stores.

We made an appearance at a big neighborhood gathering (but it was too damn hot to stay for the free food provided by local restaurants!)  and Lily brought over a ton of cool treasures for our new outdoor living room (aka, the covered deck).

we had to add a second table, then Miss F decided she had to have her own table, so a third was tacked on the end!

I wasn't very cute by 6:30 on a 96 degree day!

loving my new roof!

people trickling in

arugula and tomatoes

beets, eggplant, grilled zucchini

taking photos in the dark, with Joe covering his face.

Lents park on sunday, FREE FOOD, man!

sweet little bird wallet!

AND a big cone of hydrangeas!

and a super beautiful wreath from Lily!

AND a sweet vintage picnic basket, perfect for holding doll clothing.

the dolls are relived that their clothing mess has been attended to! 

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