Friday, August 5, 2011

sometimes you bite the bear and sometimes you watch "the big lebowski"

The tailend of another long week, left me lazy and tired and ready to have someone else do the cooking, someone that knows how to make steaming hot corn tortillas... we ate at Casa Del Sol, AGAIN, way out in the hood, complete with a toothless lady of the evening marching in and complaining about the Pinesol smell (it was a bit much, in her defense). 
I am madly, insanely in LOVE with those tortillas.
What can I say?
They are that good.

We had something stupid arrive from Netflix, and I asked Mark for the big lebowski, which he rummaged around and found in the basement.  I love that film, A LOT, even if they didn't play my favorite song at the end, but they do, so I love it a lot more.

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