Monday, July 27, 2009

what I did on my summer vacation, by heidi

On Friday we went to Marine World, with my mom, my kids and my two nieces!
I am not usually a big fan of such places,
I decided to be a good sport, and we had a really nice time.
all the shows were well done, and the whole place was spotlessly clean and tidy.
There was this weird Loony Tunes theme, which seemed strange to me, since I don't think children really watch those cartoons anymore, do they?
Above- is Freyja and my niece with Speedy Gonzales.
We found these penguins hanging out with the keepers on the grass!
But the very best thing was this ANTEATER! We had front row seats for the exotic animal show! The anteater blew my mind.
The kids and mom petting stingrays.

The butterfly house was really beautiful too. Loaded with butterflies!

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  1. I WANT A PET ANTEATER i would take him/her home and name him/her KILLER encourage them to feast on the stupid sugar ants i hate loathe and despise GO KILLER, GET THEM, GET THEM ALLLLLLL!!