Sunday, July 5, 2009

dinner and a movie

Friday evening we went out to dinner at one of our favorite places La Calaca Comelona, which spurred me on to want Margaritas!
I had the cactus salad, which was fantastic, but everything on the menu seems to be fantastic, right down to the handmade tortillas.

The garden seating is so lovely, you feel transported to another more beautiful and soothing place, instantly.

Neither one of us ever really drinks cocktails, but the cafe has such amazing drinks, that is is almost a shame not to at least share one of the "Cadillac" margs, which come in a pint glass, perfect for two.

On our way home we stopped at the liquor store and got stuff to make our own, which we drank while watching season five of Entourage, one of my guilty pleasures (thank you Netflix!).
Heidi's perfect Margarita; this is a BOI (build on ice), drink, so make sure to have some cocktail ice, rather than ice cubes, do not under any circumstances blend, blending will make you a big ole stoopid gringo, and we don't want that.

to make 4 cocktails-
use a bucket or pint glass
rub the rim of the glass with a lime slice
rub the wet rim in salt, to coat
in a pitcher,
add 8 oz of fresh lime juice, 3 oz of fresh orange juice (I mean that you squeeze the fruit, to produce this juice! or at the very least make sure it is pure, from a bottled source),
then add 6-8 (depending on how strong you want your drink) shots of
tequila, I am not a big liquor snob, since I am putting juice in it, I buy the cheapest gold variety I can find.
Then add 3-4 shots of triple sec.
Fill the pitcher with four glasses of ice and stir.
Pour in your glass, and garnish with a lime.

If you want to be really fancy, you may cut the lime in half, squeeze out all the juice, turn it inside out, and fill the little cup with a half shot of tequila and half shot of grand marnier, which is what I have done here)

Then the next evening, after ripping out the carpet and cleaning up the mess, I decided that I had to have Mexican food again, but I made my own and home and it was pretty darn good, too!
We ate dinner in our newly liberated livingroom, while watching waltz with Bashir, which is a very interesting animated film, that I could not get into the right groove to enjoy. I will give it a second look another time, when I am feeling more serious. We also watched a season of "this American Life", which was much more easily digestable for me in the mood I was in.
All and all it was a big movie day, because we had gone out in the early afternoon to see "Public Enemy", which was so, so, not awful, not great.
Mark loves true crime stories in general, and gansters in particular and knew all the details about all of the criminals of that era, so it was harder for him to enjoy the film.
He also tends to hate Michael Mann, so there you are. Hey! I don't chose this movie, he did!

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  1. Great idea with the inverted lime as a shot glass inside the drink. I love extra touches like that. We're hooked on This American Life too. Have you ever listened to Radio Lab? It's even better, I think. Ira Glass is a quirky genius;-)

    Hope you're having a great vacation!