Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eat Local

Rolf and I prepared a bunch of salads from the booty collected from the farmer's market this morning.

Mark had already chowed down on his pate, so this meal was strictly veggie.
We made Mark's favorite, Onkel's German potato salad, with some steamed al dente string beans on top

(I wanted to mix them in, but he is a traditionalist, and wouldn't allow it).

boil some new yellow potatoes, in their jacket, allowing them to rest and cool, peel and slice paper thing, dress with oil & vinegar, paper thin slices of white onion, and salt & pepper.


Attempting to add other things may result in a whipping with a wire whisk.

I made a spinach salad with boiled egg, onion, sunflower seeds and my nutritional yeast dressing.

We also had cucumber salad, and the daikon radish salad, which I adore.

Mark had prepared some herbal iced tea earlier, so everything was super simple!
It was Rolf's turn to clean up. I love it when that happens!
I am headed up to watch the new season (new from me from Netflix) of Anthony Bourdain, and read my new library books.

I haven't decided on which one I will crack first.

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  1. we really should circulate the photo of rolf washing dishes more widely. the women dig that poop. nothing sexier than a man doing your washing-up, amen.