Tuesday, July 21, 2009



is soooo much cooler,



I am still having a really hard time relating to the digital world, although I am grateful for this camera, now 8 years old, and clunky as hell (but considerably less clunky than say, my land camera, so see, everything really is relative), a camera that allows me to add poorly rendered illustrations to my babbling.

You have to love that kind of instant gratification, but mostly I am still really resistant to the whole digital thing.

I am particularly pissed off about the whole tv switcharoo.

Half the time we can't get any reception, at all!

No, I will NOT give in and get cable anytime soon.

I refuse.

I also HATE DVDs.

I can never rewind or fast forward the way I want, it always results in multiple efforts, where I skip over the part I want to see, or skip to the end or back to the beginning, and then I get all angry and yell at the VRC, which makes Mark really defensive, which results in me yelling

"WHY? Did you build it? What's it to you?"

or something like that.

Sometimes both Rolf and I get mad at the DVD player at the same time, and the kids involve themselves so it becomes a sort of digital haters, lynch mob, with daddy feeling like the outgunned sheriff.

Oh, and don't get me started on CELL PHONES.

I HATE freaking cell phones.
You give a semi-normal person a cell phone and they instantly transform into a rude idiot.

No one can make an appointment anymore, or commit.

You have to CALL them.

Guess What?

I don't want to CALL YOU, I want to see you and I want to know if you can see me, period.

I have no desire to call you and get a blow by blow of how you spent your time between our meeting.
I also do not want you to sit in the car-cafe-movie theatre-dog catcher with me and chat on your cell phone to someone else.
It is RUDE and should be avoided at all times.

Turn the goddamn thing off and make your calls in private, later, when you are ALONE and have nothing else going on.

The other thing that just chaps my hide, is the relentless upgrading of the computer.

Every time I turn around there is some upgrade, necessary to make the bloody thing functional.
I don't want it to be state of the art, I want it to work.
I want it to work every time I turn it on, and not run me through endless scans and upgrade. Just work.
Is that too much to ask?


  1. ME TOO! I am a Luddite at heart, I hate the rudeness of cell phone users, I don't know how to use my DVD player, I have cable so half the time can't even figure out how to turn on the damn tv. HATE IT!

  2. digital lynch mob! ahhahaha!!!

    i totally agree with you about the cell phone thing. people will be over to chat, and then in a normal lull in the conversation they are pulling out their phones to twiddle with. like they just can't bear a moment of silence. what the fuck??!? it makes me think i hate people, when really - i just hate rudeness.

    i rarely answer my cell phone. people get shirty with me about that ALL THE TIME. i'm like, look - it's not a tracking device. it's JUST A PHONE. i don't *have* the option of getting a land line, i have no land. so cell it is. but i am not going to behave like it's a shock collar, something i have to respond to immediately every second of the day! good god.

    and i feel the same way about the computer. i just want it to work; i don't want to fix it, know how it operates, or upgrade it. i just want to open it and have it work. that's why i got a mac. it just works, and when it doesn't, a little window appears to say, 'hey, do you want to [do this thing you were just trying to do]?' so i can click 'yes, dammit!' and then go on with my life. that is worth what i spent on the damn thing, abso-friggin-loutely.

  3. Ahh, the cell phone as homing device! YES, that is EXACTLY what I hate. You nailed it hallie! HATE it. I have an ancient cell phone I carry in the car, for emergencies. We bought it when I was driving around pregnant in a 1979 Vovo, that was given to break downs, in foul weather. I never turn it on