Friday, July 31, 2009

lazy crafter

I have not touched a needle in weeks.

I dunno why it all feels so unappealing these days.

I saw this cute little doll, that I think I will try to force myself to make for Miss F.

She LOVES Little Red Ridinghood, so it should go over well. She loves the thrill and danger of the wolf.
One of her little rituals before nap, is to ask me "are there any wolves in this town?" and I reassure her that there are not, and then I whisper in her stuffed horse's ear "take good care of Freyja, while I am downstairs!" and Horace Borris Norris, the horse always agrees to do his guard duty, along with his wife Delores Cloris Norris, although she is never the primary care giver, she just sort of sits off to the side of the bed.

If the pattern turns out to be pretty easy, I will make one for the next birthday party we have to attend. It looks pretty simple. I think I will change her hair to blonde though.

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