Monday, July 27, 2009

there is no place like home

I dashed down to Cali on Thursday to pick up Freya, from my mom's place.
It is always a little weird staying there, since it is not my childhood home, and if my mom & my high school graduation photo weren't there, there would be no connection to me, and of course, there is my neurosis about staying away from home, to take into account.

I hate it.

A nice anonymous hotel room, I can take, but staying in someone's house really creeps me out.

I can never sleep, and I never know what to do with myself during the lulls in activities.

My mother is married to a very nice, very generous guy, but even with all of his niceness and generosity, he is still essentially a strange old man, to me, and therefore he makes me nervous.

This is totally and completely my issue and has nothing to do with his behavior, which as I said, is quite nice and pleasant.
Mom's midget hamsters Snookums and Baby!

My mom has a very nice house.
Very CLEAN and nice and well appointed with tons of nice and tasteful things everywhere.

This also causes me some concern, when my children are around.

The first day I was there, Maxwell dropped a Waterford crystal glass on the glass cover of the kitchen table and smashed both the glass and the table top.
Freyja and Princess Sparklehorn on the plane on the way HOME!

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